Our way of being green

Treatment of soils:

The preparation of the soil on which we plant our vineyards last about three years, period in which our goal is to recreate suitable conditions for the proper development of young vines.
Soil management is based on harrowing and green manure; no herbicides are used in the vineyards.
The different herbaceous plants enrich the soil with organic matter and help to combat the weeds.
The land works performed are aimed at the structuring of the soils to create an environment as favorable as possible for the grape vines.
We pay great attention to the depth works in the vineyards to ensure the proper growth of the roots.


Treatment of grape vines:

No machine can ensure the quality work and the care of a human eye and trained hands. That is why all the management of the vines is performed by hand. It is laborious, but it absolutely worth it. The treatments used for the prevention of the diseases are reduced to a minimum level and products suited for the biological viticulture are especially used. The prevention of the diseases is made especially through a particular attention during the phases of trimming and maintaining the foliar apparatus.
Grape cluster thinning works are also performed in order to optimize the quality of the production.