The first clues indicate that originally four Serbian families settled here:

Petru (Peter) with his two daughters

Branco with three sons and a daughter

Radoita with a son and four daughters

Andrei (Andrew) with five sons and two daughters.

The place where they first set up was Gornie Seliste, which means “the big settlement”, and is the place where the winery stands today. They lived here for some years but when their families and their herds of sheep grew, they had to move to a larger area. As a consequence, Petru and Andrei moved to a place, today named Izvarcita, 8 km northwest of the present-day village.

Petru then moved again to a better place, near a spring, which is the Petrovaselo of today. This also explains the name of the village: Petrovo Selo – “the village of Petru” – which was mentioned for the first time in 1477.

It is not possible to establish a precise date when Petrovaselo was founded, but an old document was found, written in Latin, that proves the existence of a small village in this area, named Horuathpeturfalua ( “the village of Petru the Croatian”) since 1359.

History of the ancient names of the wines:

Bendis – Bendis was a Thracian and Dacian goddess of the moon, the night, the marriage and the hunt.

Kotys – was a prominent Thracian goddess who was considered to be an aspect of Persephone.

Melgis – dacian name