Nello Dal Tio was born in Vazzola, a small town of the province of Treviso, in the North-Eastern Italian region of Veneto. His childhood and adolescence were passed in a traditional Italian family, immersed in a typical rural world and culture. This traditional environment and culture gave him the personal traits of genuineness, humanity and wisdom which were to characterize his entire life, both from a human and a professional point of view.

He made a successful career in the coffee machine industry for decades but .when Nello first saw the hills of Petrovaselo, back in 2002, it was like going back to his childhood years, to his origins. And thus his great passion resurfaced, with the will to dedicate his time and efforts once again to the earth, not only to possess it, to HAVE it, but especially to make it LIVE by cultivating it, by making it reborn.

His satisfaction, his ambition is to see that things are going smoothly, that the working environment around him is harmonious, positive-thinking and collaborative, where each individual has his space and equal opportunities

Roots, solidity, reliability.
The possibility of travelling long distances, of flying, without getting lost and without losing the sense of SELF, of one’s identity, since the more solid are the roots, the farther one can fly.

The joy of having so many young people around him, so much competence and knowledge, young men and women who manage to bring out the best in themselves, and who really have a sense of their work, of their actions….

This is Nello’s joy and pride, which he has instilled into us.

And this is the pride which we share with him.