It is an effervescent journey from Bendis – a Charmat Method joyful bubbly experience, to Kotys – Traditional Method sparkling expression of our unique “terroir”, that reveals the true Petro Vaselo nature.

Fresh and fruity wines, a lively example of our irrepressible spirit.
Youthful wines with a jovial packaging, with floral elements, that was meant to suggest our ecofriendly approach in the vineyard.

Synthesis of Petro Vaselo spirit, pure expression of our terroir, these wines truly are “the soul of our soil”. Starting with the grapes from the most particular parcels, which ferment with wild yeasts and it concludes with the names of the wines, antique names of the same parcels from which the grapes arrive.

Unique, experimental winemaking processes which accentuate even more the pure essence of Petro Vaselo. Symbolic wines which are a true tribute to our terroir.