Completely underground, our winery was projected to continue the winemaking process with the same approach as the vineyards.

Grapes reach the cellar by gravity and once they arrive they pass through two manual selections to further remove any bunches deemed unfit.

The mechanical work is minimized and, as in the vineyard, the dexterity of operators plays a fundamental role in the evolution of fermentation and refining.4

Throughout the production process the must and then the wine is handled in the absence of any contact with oxygen; this allows us to get to the end of the fermentation without adding any kind of antioxidants, such as sulphur, and use the minimum necessary during aging and bottling.
The winemaking can take place in steel containers or French oak ones, all of them of small sizes, in order to gather small quantities of grapes, normally all of them coming from the same plot of land with a certain type of soil. This way the wines become the pure expression of the terroir.

All our wines after the fermentation process undergo a period of refining, that lasts, depending on the type of the product, from a few months to over a year
Allowing the wine to mature on its fermentation lees, provides useful material to support and increase longevity. These sediments are composed of solid sediments produced by the activity of the yeast, which, through their degradation, release substances which contribute to increase the structure of the wine, as well as to enrich the olfactory and taste profile.

The refinement is handled both in small containers (225 liter barrels) and in wooden vats of greater capacity (up to 7500 liters). The aging time varies depending on the grape variety, the age of the vineyards and according to the climatic conditions of the year.

Important is not impoverish the wine so enriched by tight filtrations that undermine the results.

That is why our wines are UNFILTERED, additional factor of complexity and genuineness of our products.

The Petro Vaselo goal is to obtain unique and recognizable quality wines and everything starts by knowing the grape variety and the conditions under which they have arrived at maturity.