Cristian Şuman

Balanced and analytical, perfect for work that involves attention to detail, he is the coordinator of the worker teams that cure all the 42 hectares of vineyards and follows the works in the winery.

Mihaela Sustrean

She controls the day by day steps of the company’s accounting life, fundamental for its balance and development.

Roxana Dehelean
Community Relations

Lively and persevering, she keeps contact with all the state institutions and is the responsible for the IFS audit and for the Organic certification.

Călin Guia
Our newest team member, with his great sense of humor, became fast part of the winery team.

Marco Feltrin
Responsible of Production Department & Winemaker

With great joy, enthusiasm and professionalism he follows our wines from the vines to the bottle with the belief that Petro Vaselo will be a reference brand for Romania, worldwide.

Adrian Bălaşa
Regional Sales Manager

Energetic and ambitious, he is responsible for the commercial network in Muntenia.

Ariana Negru
Responsible of Commercial, Marketing & Community Relations Department

She is exploring new horizons, with passion and energy, in order to bring Petro Vaselo wines all over the world.

Roxana Nan
Commercial Assistant

Patient and meticulous, she is the one that follows all the documents related to the activity of the commercial department, including the logistics

Diana Ionescu
Region Sales Manager

Enthusiastic and determined, she is following the commercial structure for the west part of Romania.

Dorina Purşega

Determined and hardworking, she is the person that follows all the works in the vineyards.

Ana Radac

Silent but dynamic, she follows the labeling and packaging part.

Ioana Mureşan
Region Sales Manager

Always calm and smiling, follows the whole commercial activity in Transylvania and Moldova.

Cristian Radac

Young and spirited, he continues the work of the commercial assistant, preparing the merchandise for delivery.

Roberto Marchetto
Managing Director

He is the soul of our team. He spent his energy to gather together those who make up the team today and to give them a common mission.