Petro Vaselo is the soul of our soil.


Nothing blocks the way to achieve your goals when there is enough passion, and in 2002 our team
had nothing but passion and the belief that together we will succeed.

Our main target was to enter in the world of quality wines with a brand, made in Romania, to prove
this way that for a young and spirited team sky is the limit.

The journey is far from being over, but some of our goals have been reached:

  • 2005-2009
    • we planted 42 ha of vineyards
  • 2009
    • we produced our first 10.983 bottles from our first harvest
  • 2011
    • we received our first international award for vintage 2009
    • we inaugurated our new winery
    • Vinitaly 2011 our first international fair
    • we enlarged our wine portfolio launching 2 different lines:
      • Entry level:
        • Bendis Rose
        • Alb de Petro Vaselo
        • Rosu de Petro Vaselo
      • Middle-high level:
        • Otarniţa
        • Ovaș
  • 2012
    • we enlarged again the portfolio:
      • Middle-high level:
        • Maletine
      • Top level:
        • Melgis
  • 2013
    • we extended the sparkling line with:
      • Bendis Zenith
      • Bendis Nadir
    • we launched PV Gran Cru
    • we were certified as biological
  • 2015
    • packaging facelift for Bendis
    • we launched Kotys, traditional method sparkling wine
  • 2016
    • we launched Rose de Petro Vaselo
  • 2017
    • Kotys was already present on the market, since 2015, but until now it was possible to have it
      with the yeasts in the bottle. Starting September 2017 it is available in two versions: with
      crown cap and the lees in the bottle or with cork cap and no yeasts inside

We are not even halfway, we have many more goals to achieve, but now we are more convinced that
Petro Vaselo can be, and one day will be, a reference brand for Romania, worldwide.
To be continued…


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